Sorting out my priorities.

Yesterday, a certain magic square puzzle kept me awake until 2:00 in the morning. A close friend of mine gave me the problem, asking if I can solve it. Since I love mind-boggling puzzles to test out my wittiness (if I actually have that), I gladly said yes. The puzzle kept me awake because something was off from the given of the magic square; I cannot get the third order because of the number 8 that’s in the middle of the top cell. I told my friend that I can’t get the third order using the actual given. However, if I switched 8 with 1, the puzzle is solved. So maybe the given was incorrect? I’ll have to wait until my friend replies back…

Setting my stress reliever aside (which is actually stress-incarnate), being a college student is a matter of having a lot of work to do or die. To be honest, my inner being dies in an instant the moment I gaze upon my study table. Where the table is a stockpile of unfinished plates from different major subjects that is due in a couple of weeks, with projects and homework from minor ones. I admit that I am a procrastinator myself, hence the stockpile of school work—I oftentimes escape the tough life of a student by sitting in front of my computer and mind my internet business—which leads to said procrastination. I know, I am to blame. 😀

I’ll get back to my school stuff once I’m done updating my blog which will just take me an hour. I’m so stressed right now, I’m starting to become a walking zombie again. I usually don’t have the time to get an 8-hour sleep, so sometimes I just sleep the entire day during weekends instead of finishing my plates. 😛 It’s not just my brain that’s stressed but also my body. But hey, always look on the bright side. Stress is just temporary, so I can still rejoice once I’m done with whatever that needs to be done.

3×3 Magic Square: Is a square grid containing the numbers 1 to 9 in such a way that the sum of each row, column, and diagonal has the same “magic total”.

P.S. (2007/09/24): I received a text message from my friend about the magic square and she said that I was right, the given was wrong according to their professor.

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When the internet becomes life.
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Kindly please be warned that although I have the blog section almost ready, the rest of the website is still pretty much empty. I’d highly appreciate it if you guys can bear with me as I work to making my online presence, well, heard, so to speak. 😉

Just to let everyone know if it isn’t obvious yet, I do plan to make this website as my blog and online portfolio. Since majority of my work, whatever I currently have, specially illustrations are crappy (sketches) or unfinished (most of them are W.I.Ps), I might be focusing on blogging first until I get my talent to draw both traditional and digital good. Although they already are, I’m just not confident enough as of yet, so they may be posted a little late.

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